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by | Dec 30, 2020 | Forensic Investigation India

Your partner in litigation support and investigating fraud.

Our litigation and forensic practice provides multidisciplinary, independent dispute advisory, investigative, data acquisition/analysis and forensic accounting services to the global business and legal community. Our team supports clients preparing for high stakes litigation, fraud, arbitration and compliance investigations. In most cases successful litigation and procuring suitable solutions depend on evidence, following a trail and demonstrating circumstantial proof. This requires searching and researching information and documentation, the building of a detailed and accurate trail calling for a complimentary set of skills bringing together the findings in forensic audit & accounting, examination of taxation & revenue records, reviewing, understanding statutory records and share registers and tallying those held at the Registrar of Companies, state of the art administration, in-depth research and scrutiny of old and new documentation, management, information technology, valuations, good contacts in governmental departments ensuring the collating and analysis of documentation and information held at government departments. These, along with sound corporate  expertise, an insightful understanding of the latest business practicalities and an understanding of the incentives and intricacies involved in litigation, allow our professionals to provide timely, clear and in-depth analysis for lawyers and clients involved in potential or pending litigation, dispute resolution proceedings, or simply needing to uncover and document fraud.

We provide the reports, evidence and expert statements and affidavits necessary to win a case.  Not do we only assist advocates and clients through the commercial submission process, but also draft the necessary documents, prepare reports during the case and advise on a suitable range of settlement. We also prepare financial complexities and issues in a reader friendly manner easily understood by clients and and the courts.

Our expertise also covers comprehensive financial forensic investigations to uncover the facts behind fraudulent transactions, financial irregularities and internal control lapses, as well as presentations of our findings and recommendations to various stakeholders, including the Board of Directors, governmental departments, court appointed receivers and stock exchanges.

  • Preparing for Dispute Resolution
  • Uncovering and pinpointing where fraud has taken place
  • Correcting incorrect entries at the Registrar of Companies
  • Correcting incorrect entries at Land Registers, Sub-Registers and Wards
  • Evaluating loss through fraud
  • Thorough Investigation and fact-finding (including assistance in the discovery and analysis of share registers, land registers and financial information)
  • Quantification, Evaluation and Assessment of Economic Loss and Damages
  • Valuations of Shares, Businesses, Land, Property and other Assets
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Digital Trail
  • Preparation of Expert Reports
  • Critical Analysis of Other Expert Reports
  • Forensic Accounting (including reconstruction of financial statements and information where business records have been lost or destroyed)
  • Assets Tracing
  • Preparation of Reports and Expert Testimony

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