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by | Dec 30, 2020 | Property Law India

We at Legal Services Coordinator understand that your personal property or real estate holds crucial importance. herefore, we make certain that the purchase or sale of your esteemed property will always be at the best price possible, and as long as you continue to own your property, we take it upon ourselves we endeavour to ensure that your rights are protected.


Our team is ready and fully equipped to assist you as the lender, investor or developer in all transactional aspects, including purchase, lease, sale, mortgage, commercial development, residential development, lending, joint venture property purchase, financing, and foreign investments. We also advise on all applicable local laws including that of the Coastal Regulation Zones (CRZ) notifications, municipal corporations, property tax, stamp duty and registrations regarding the property in question, so that you are abreast of concerns and requirements before they happen.

We not only aid, advise, and assist externally during a property transaction, but also offer direct service for the transaction, including but not limited to lease, hire purchase, licencing, relevant regulatory and licencing approval, as required by local and national government and statutory agencies.

At all times, we provide an extremely thorough due diligence service, whilst expertly preparing pertinent legal documentation and advice on sale, purchase, lease and financing of a property. With all laws,disputes are sure to flow. oUR Property Law team represent you as our Client in your capacity as the landlord, tenant, seller, purchaser, financier. This service also extends to any tax disputes that would arise regarding your property.


Any directly tangible property or real estate is naturally more susceptible to transfer and acquisition through theft, extortion, robbery and criminal misappropriation. If you suspect that your property may be partially or wholly stolen, or if there has been an illegal transfer or acquisition concerning your property, we are always here to help you redeem your rights and lay claim over your rightful property.

Our team at Legal Services Coordinator is here to assist you, not by mere representation before the appropriate judicial forum to redeem your right, title, claim and possession over your property, but by also seeking the most appropriate and effective criminal penalty against the accused for any suffering and damages or other detriment caused to you. We also help protect your property against any future attempts on its integrity or illegal transfer to a third party without consideration and your express consent.


In the sphere of India, there are reliable and repeated instances of typical yet effective frauds that occur involving a property purchaser or owner, typically when such properties are left unoccupied for a long period of time. These include title deception (duplicate title documents on the same property) or unrelated parties attempting to pass themselves off as holders of a Power of Attorney, thereby potentially inducing sale with fraudulent intentions, forced cancellations, sale without authorization, changes in the layout or plans of the property (as against the original plan during the purchase of the property), and other commonplace cases of fraud, being sale of the same unit / plot to other multiple sellers, and illegal encroachments due to inactivity by the owner.

We have a team dedicated to making sure that you or any concerned parties are protected from the aforementioned instances of property fraud. If the worst should occur and you have become a victim, we are able to legally restore your right, title and interest in your justly held property. We carry out thorough due diligence, not on the property alone, but for developers and sellers to scrutinise their track record and mitigate the chances of any potential fraud of any type and degree of complexity from occurring. We go into further detail regarding title documents, to be sure that you benefit from the best value for investing your valued assets, including but not limited to verifying the various approvals received on the property, the validation of title deeds, the checking of legal dues pending on the subject property and – or its seller, along with registeration of your title documents and purchase so that your right, title, ownership and interest in a property may be securely assured.

We also have a highly capable and seasoned team of counsel and advocates that can take the legal route to restore your rights over what is due to you.

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