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Need a hand before opting for company formation in any of these Jurisdictions?

Under Indian company law, company is said to have incorporated by registration under the Section 2(20) Indian Companies Act 2013. Company means a company incorporated under this Act or under any previous Company Law.

There are different types of companies formed under Indian company law, ie. 1. Sole Proprietorship, also known as a trader firm or proprietorship exclusively owned by one person, 2. Partnership - liability is joint and unlimited, 3. Limited Liability Partnership - Liability is limited, 4. HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) - businesses owned by a joint family belonging to Hindu religion, 5. Cooperative, 6. Dormant company, 7. Family Owned Business, 8. Pvt Ltd (Private Limited Company), 9. Small company, 10. Ltd (Public Limited Company), 11. Public sector undertaking (PSU), and more...

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Company formation also referred to as company registration under the UK company law holds a company or a corporation considering an entity which is distinctively identified as separate from those running or operating it.

A thorough process of getting a company in to formation starts with the nomenclature with finding an unique title, hiring of a solicitor or accountant to prepare documents like Memorandum and Articles of association, form IN01 collating all required documents as required by the companies house. Either you are a individual, specialized agent, solicitor, or a professional accountant, your business plan can see it to formation of different types of company like; a Public limited company (PLC), Private company limited by shares (Limited), Company limited by guarantee, Unlimited company, Limited liability partnership (LLP), Limited partnership (LP) and so..

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