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Is promoting objectives like social activity, sports, research, education, child-care or the old-age care your vision? For any of such useful objective, you can form Non-profit organization in India, also predominantly knows as Non-Government Office. As the term implies itself, the NPOs are established with a basic objective of promoting and supporting social welfare or cause. However it indeed can generate profit or income but such profits essentially is not permitted by governing law to apply for further promotion of the entity and should not be distrubuted to the promoters.

Our legal expert will understand and firmly acknowledge your objective of a NPO formation, prepare work-plans, draft and prepare necessary documents, and asssit you throughout the NPO formation process. There are several other registrations and approval to obtain from the relevant offices and departments apart from just forming a NPO. We offer one low fee for your NPO formation as a part of our contribution toward your object too, so you can focus on making a better world.

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