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Through our Formation/Registration of a Partnership service, we shall include not only the registration procedure but also the drafting of the partnership agreement/deed. A partnership firm/entity is that entity where two or more people come together to agree to share their profits and losses in a ratio. We shall help you understand the different types of partnerships that exist and which of them shall suit best according to your business requirements. These are usually formed for small business enterprises where the capital available is limited.

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The formation of a partnership requires only a written agreement to be executed between the parties which is the most important document and the only document that is required to form a partnership firm. The reason why a huge number of people prefer partnership firms over companies is the minimum statutory compliances that have to be complied with under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 (‘Act’). We shall also help you file for the PAN card of the firm. Partnership firms can either be registered or unregistered. The unregistered firms suffer a few disadvantages such as that they cannot sue anyone, they cannot file a counterclaim or enforce any right that arises from an agreement in a Court of Law. 

Our experts shall brief you about the entire process. After that, the list of required documents shall be given and the same shall be collected. We shall also assist you in finding the principal place of business according to the location preferred. The entire procedure shall be handled by our team of professionals. 

The final partnership deed shall be handed over to you after it is signed by all the partners. The cost of forming a partnership firm as well as its registration is more economical as compared to that of a Limited Liability Partnership. We shall further assist you to comply with the statutory requirements as per the plan chosen by you. An individual can get his partnership firm registered even after its formation he can get it registered under Section 59 of the Act.

General steps involves:

  1. The required documents such as the partnership deed, the KYC documents of the partners, the proof of the address of the principal place of business, etc shall be collected from you and submitted to the Registrar of the firms of that particular state. 
  2. The certificate of registration shall be issued by the registrar and then shall be given to all the partners. 
  3. Also, after that, an application shall be made to obtain a PAN and open a bank account under the name of the firm. 

General documents required includes;

  • Statement in Form 1 under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 with the prescribed fees (should be signed by all the partners and verified by an affidavit in a manner prescribed)
  • A notarized true copy of the partnership deed stating the details of the firm, the details of the partners, etc. 
  • A rent agreement or the proof of ownership of the principal place of business
  • KYC documents of the partners

What Shall You Obtain?

On incorporation, the partnership firm shall be all ready to function and all the registration documents and licenses shall be handed over to you. 

Duration Until Completion

A partnership firm can be formed and registered within 10 to 15 days. *

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