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Our Private Limited Company formation service construe assisting you in incorporating a company you’ve dreamt of even while you are not in India making the procedure smooth and easy. A Private Limited Company is a form of Company that is used extensively across India. These companies have limited regulations applicable to them such as the Companies Act, 2013 along with its rules i.e., the Companies Incorporation Rules, 2014, etc., and are regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Registering your company as a Private Limited will benefit you in various ways such as reduction in the compliance costs, no minimum capital requirements, limited liability, etc. A Private Limited Company can either be with share capital or without share capital.

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Approximately 90% of the companies in India are registered as Private Limited Companies. There are more than 1,00,000 companies registered each year as Private Limited Companies. To incorporate a Private Limited Company, the requirements are minimal i.e., a minimum of 2 members and 2 directors (out of which at least one should be an Indian resident in the previous calendar year) is required and the maximum number of members it can have is 200.

Our services shall include appointing the various type of directors for your company such as Independent, nominee, executive, etc. where you desire to be a director, we shall obtain a Directors’s Identification Number, the Digital Signature Certificate, the appointment of auditors, etc as required, the compulsion of having a registered office shall be taken care of, etc. The information and steps of the entire procedure shall be explained to you by our expert professionals.

A Private Limited Company enjoys much more independence with the statutory regulations and relaxations than a Limited Liability partnership and there is no public scrutiny of documents that is mandatory in a Public Limited Company. All the latest developments and amendments shall be taken care of. We shall take care of the verification and approval of the company name and all the main documents of any company i.e., the Memorandum and Articles of Association according to the type of business chosen by you. Also, the bank account that is required to be opened shall be opened with the banks that we are associated with. In the case of any Foreign Direct Investments, we shall ensure that the RBI compliances are taken care of.

We shall assist you to collect the required documents to incorporate such a company and also hand over the certificate of incorporation in due time. Private limited companies can start their business as soon as they get a certificate of incorporation. according to the plan chosen by you, we shall further assist you regarding the statutory and the regulatory compliances

General steps involves:

  1. All the documents such as the identity proof, residential proof, and proof of address of the directors shall be uploaded /submitted 
  2. An application with the two proposed names shall be submitted for approval to the MCA (if not approved, an opportunity to give a new name shall be given)
  3. Digital signatures for the proposed  directors shall be obtained to sign the incorporation document
  4. Once the digital signatures are obtained, the SPICe+ form application is made to the MCA
  5. The Company shall then be incorporated within 2-3 working days along with the certificate of incorporation, TAN, and PAN of the same. 
  6. The current account of the Company shall be opened with the banks to carry out the day to day transactions. 

General documents required includes;

  • Director Identification Number of the Director 
  • Digital Signature Certificate of the Director 
  • The PAN card of the Directors 
  • Address proof of the directors 
  • Residence proof of the directors 
  • Memorandum of Association 
  • Articles of Association  

What Shall You Obtain?

The maximum time that is taken to form this type of Company is 15 days normally subject to the MCA approvals. The online application has made it easier and the Company can be formed within less than 10 days if all the documents are given correctly since the MCA requires all the documents in a single application. *

Duration Until Completion

On incorporation, the Private Limited Company shall be ready to function and all the registration documents along with the Certificate of Incorporation.

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