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Mutual Consent Divorce, Domestic Violence Divorce, Parsi Divorce, Suit for Judicial Separation



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Divorce Service-India

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Have you been craving for some inner peace getting over with problems in your marital life? Are you looking for the divorce service engaged with the most skillful family lawyers in India? LSC is a one-stop guide to all your family matters?

We understand your plight hence our divorce services are recommended for precise and true representation. It does not feel good to being a part of annulments but since there’s a bonafide reason behind this serious decision you made and you need a good lawyer so the legal split is done for good, we have your back. The divorce could be as a result of; mutual consent, domestic violence, deprivation of rights and similar. We have a long history of successfully conducting a divorce for a number of couples at the very best of their satisfaction. Our service provisions premium legal services at an affordable rates inclusive of all costs. 

Divorce Type

Mutual Consent Divorce, Domestic Violence Divorce, Parsi Divorce, Suit for Judicial Separation



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We at LSC, offer you a range of lawyers who are professionals and experts in family matters. As we assist you throughout your process of applying for a divorce on the appropriate grounds which are acceptable to the court of law. We actively respond to all your queries regarding the filing and procedural format of applying for a divorce. Our services make your process of applying for divorce hassle-free and convenient as we draft your petition on your behalf upon your instructions and submit it to the court. We proceed with your petition steps wise as laid down by the Act.

Any person who belongs to the Zoroastrian Faith falls under the requisitions of the Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936 (Act). Under the Parsi, Personal law males and females are given equal treatment, rights, and remedies for instances of marriage, succession, maintenance, inheritance, etc. Divorce is a remedy available for both parties in marriage in accordance with the law. The Act has laid down grounds under which a person can file for a divorce petition in the family court. According to Section 10 of the Act, which deals with the registration of the divorce and states that when a court passes a decree for divorce, nullity, or dissolution the court along with the same shall send a copy of the decree for registration to the registrar of marriages, whoever fits under the said specified jurisdiction under section 7 of the act. The registrar shall then enter the same in the register kept with him as mentioned in the provisions of part II and this register of marriages shall be similar to the register of divorces and decrees of nullity and dissolution. The act has laid down each and every instance in regard to divorce and the remedies available to the individuals. 

The general/standard steps involves:

  1. A copy of the divorce petition will be drafted by our licensed lawyers as per your instructions which has to be agreed upon by both the parties applying for a divorce.
  2. After the approval of the draft petition, it can be jointly or separately filed at the Family Court on the representation of our lawyers on your appointment.
  3. After the petition has been filed by our lawyers the court will examine the petition along with all the supporting documents and pass an order accordingly after due proceeding of the matter.
  4. After the order has been passed by the court for recording the statement on oath, a cooling period of six months is given to the parties of the matter for reconciliation.
  5. After completion of six months, if there are no signs of reconciliation both the parties have to appear for a final hearing of the matter.
  6. After the final proceeding is heard by the family court, it will pass a divorce decree dissolving the marriage.

The basic documents includes:

  • Residential proof (both parties)
  • Photographs (applicant)
  • Identity proof (Aadhar Card, Voters ID, PAN Card)
  • Bank statements
  • Properties of immovable and movable assets (both parties)
  • Income tax returns 
  • Marriage certificate issued by the registrar

What Shall You Obtain?

The process is undertaken by skilled and licensed professionals and therefore shall act in the best of your interest. After the divorce filing is completed, the customer shall be given a complete copy of the divorce registration along with the certified supporting documents for each activity undertaken.

Duration Until Completion

After the completion of the process in accordance with the Act. You will receive a registered copy of the divorce application along with the certified supporting documents. It takes approximately 6 months to receive the authenticated court orders of divorce from the date of application for registration.*

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is the timeframe for getting a divorce in India?

It takes a minimum of six months for mutual divorces. In other cases of a contested divorce, it can depend on various factors which can extend up to two years.

Which is the fastest mode of getting a divorce in India?

The fastest way of getting a divorce is by Mutual Consent Divorce, where both the parties agree and readily want to apply for divorce.

Who can apply for the service of Parsi Divorce?

Any person who is a Parsi and a citizen of India can apply for our services of Parsi divorce.

Can a divorce be filed in case if one of the spouses has been missing?

A spouse can file for divorce if one of the spouses has been missing for more than 7 years.

After a period of how many days does one have to wait after acquiring a divorce?

In the case of mutual consent divorce, there is no time bar for remarrying. In case of a contested divorce, a timeframe of 90 days is provided by the law for filling an appeal. If no such appeal is filed the person can remarry.

If the couple is living separately for many years will that amount to divorce?

If the married couple is living separately for many years, it constitutes a valid ground to seek divorce.

7. Why is it important to avail of this service?

The entire procedure for filing a police complaint is carried out by our service providers in accordance with the Act.

8. Why is it important to engage an Advocate for this process?

 We at LSC, provide efficient service by engaging you with the licensed Advocates within the country to assist you in the entire process of filing the complaint and by navigating any query about the legal aspects.

9. Do these services maintain confidentiality for the data and documents provided by clients?

The data/evidence including all the documents are guarded by our confidentiality norms.

*The timelines mentioned are on an approximate basis and may vary on a real-time basis.

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