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Trademark Registration-India

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Trademarks are extremely important for Individual/Company to acquire intellectual property along with securing exclusive rights to use and or distribute/transfer marks. To have a distinct identity and build a prolific credibility among customers Trademark Registration offers you a unique mark that represents your business with IP Rights.  In view thereof, our Trademark experts will carry out a variety of trademark related services to aid establish and secure your mark.

The trademark service offered by LSC can be walked through the process of trademark search, drafting of affidavits, attorney authorisation, trademark filing and final completion of registration.

Service Sector

Individual/MSMEs, Company/LLP

Trademark Type

Just Filing, Full Registration

Rates starting:


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Trademark Registration is an application, verification, and authentication based procedure covering a wide range of fields such as Intellectual Property and the Trademark Act. Any individual, a company, and a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP’s) or NGO’s can be an applicant and may apply for the registration. We shall provide you with legal advice relevant to trademark registration.

We offer the best services to make sure that our client does not have to face any responsibility for filing the Trademark. We will assist you with form filing in the Registrar. We will assist you with a trademark search by conducting the search using the ™ directory. We will ensure that the name you are providing is not yet registered under anybody else’s name and conduct an intricate check on the brand name and trademark logo. In case your brand name or logo is already registered by someone else, we will further assist you by finding ways to modify it. So that your registration does not get canceled. We will guide you with the classes you have to apply under the Trademark Act. To file Trademark registration on your behalf, we will provide you with an authorization letter. You can sign the letter and return it to us. We further assist you to fill out the form and you will be receiving updates constantly from our side till the registration is completed. We have established a legal advice helpline for trademark registration matters to provide online legal advice and online legal services via email.

While conducting the trademark registration process there is a checklist that is referred according to the case. 

The procedure of trademark inaugurates with a trademark search. We can assist you in organizing a trademark search using the tool below to find marks across classes. Formerly the search is complete, you will proceed with the trademark application based on the details of identical or similar trademark applications already filed with the government.

  1. Once the trademark registration application is filed with the trademark registrar where the application allotment number is provided.
  2. Once the application is filed, the trademark registrar will apply the Vienna classification to the trademark based on the figurative elements of marks. While this work is in progress, the trademark application status usually reflects as “sent for Vienna codification”.
  3. Further, the trademark examination report will be issued. 
  4. The trademark officer will either accept the application or object to the application and allow for journal publication or object the same.
  5. The proposed mark is published in the trademark journal.  
  6. If there are no objections or opposition to the application, the trademark manuscript and trademark registration certificate will be issued, the mark is considered to be a registered trademark of the owner, granting the owner exclusive use of the mark. The symbol can now be placed next to the logo.

The aforementioned process shall give a detailed overview of the trademark registration making the decision of the potential/prospective client easier. 

Trademark filing is an online process and simple. It can be completed within 24 hours.

There are certain conventions of documents that are required. 

  • A Copy of the desired Trademark / Logo.
  • Applicant details – such as Name, Address proof, nationality proof, and company details.
  • List of products/services which are to be registered.
  • The date of commencement of use of the Trademark before getting or applying for registration.
  • Duly signed Power of attorney on an Rs.100 in the stamp paper.

What Shall You Obtain?

The process is undertaken by highly qualified professionals and therefore shall be with a bona fide intent. After the trademark registration is completed, the customer shall be given a Complete Certified Trademark registration report along with the certified supporting documents for each activity undertaken.

Duration Until Completion

In India, the term of protection for a trademark is ten years from the date of application, renewable every ten years on payment of the requisite fee. The usual time frame from filing to registration is 10 to 12 months. The usual time frame for opposition proceedings is 18 to 24 months.*

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
When can I use the ™ symbol?

As soon as you apply, you receive an acknowledgment, which gives you the right to use the ™ symbol. Once it’s registered, you can use the ® symbol.

What are the three categories of trademark search?

The Trademark Search is divided into three categories such as 

  1. Wordmark – For similar representation of wordmark;
  2. Vienna Code – For similar artistic representation; and
  3. Phonetic – For phonetically similar words.
What is a trademark class?

The Trademark Registry has classified goods and services under 45 classes. Your application must mention the trademark class/classes the goods/services represent. The trademark would be registered under those classes only.

How long is a registered trademark valid for?

Registered Trademarks are valid for 10 years from the date of applying. The trademark owner can file for the renewal of the trademark to keep it protected for more time before the end of the validity.

Do you guarantee the approval of my trademark?

The approval of the trademark completely depends on the judgment of the Government. But, if the trademark is unique, then there is a nice chance that it will be granted.

Why should one take this service?

We offer you premium lawyers who are highly qualified and experienced in the field of trademark act. We make your process hassle-free and smooth as you obtain the certified copies of your document.

What is the meaning of the status ‘abandoned’?

If the trademark examiner raises an objection to the application and if there is no response to the objection notice within 30 days of receipt, then the application is automatically refused. In such a case, a new application needs to be filed.

Are multi-class applications permissible?

Yes. Multi-class trademark applications are permissible in India.

Is electronic filing available?

The Trademark Registry permits the comprehensive e-filing of trademarks, that allow the online filing of trademarks, including the entry of the details set out above and the uploading of relevant documents. Additionally, details regarding the filing of trademark applications can be accessed on the Indian Trademark Registry’s website. Under the recently notified Trademarks Rules 2017, the official fee for e-filing a trademark application is 10% lower than the fee for physical filing.

How are priority rights claimed?

Where a person who has applied to register a trademark in a convention country applies to register a trademark in India within six months of the date on which the application was made in the convention country, if accepted, the registration of the Indian trademark will be backdated to the date on which the application was made in the convention country.

Are trademark searches available or required before filing? If so, what procedures and fees apply?

Not mandatory, it is advisable to conduct a trademark search before applying to register a trademark. Trademark searches in India can be conducted for wordmarks and device marks. The Trademarks Registry provides a free online trademark search on its 

Can rejected applications be appealed? If so, what procedures apply?

If a mark is refused, Section 91 of the Trademarks Act states that an appeal must be filed with the Intellectual Property Appellate Board within three months of the order of refusal.

Why is it essential to avail this service?

This page will navigate you to our service providers: who are lawyers and experts in the field of trademark matters. They will assist with all the queries relating to the process of application in accordance with the law.

What is the procedure for surrendering a trademark registration?

The registered owner must file an affidavit stating that it wishes to surrender its trademark registration.

*The timelines mentioned are on an approximate basis and may vary on a real-time basis.

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