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Guard your leasehold or a freehold with our effective Lease Registration service. 

The Land Registry maintains the Title Register wherein referring the details of Registered Lease of the property. This records oulines the details of the leasehold and freehold tenure describing their interactive nature, rights and obligation. The property could be a land, house, apartments and flats, parking area, garages, public space, warehouses, parks and so, which are generally tenanted on a leashold basis. It is an obligatory condition by law to register the lease on a property if the lease has been alloted for seven or longer years.

Whether you are opting for a personal or a business leasehold or a freehold Registered Lease Service, our industry-leading property experts will serve you will high profound and diligence. We not just take care of the registration part, but also make sure you have a clear and clean holding of a legally binding, un-biased and safe lease service. We also ensure during the process of registering the lease service that if the lessor’s title is subject to a mortgage which can be a vulnerable on the part of lessee, thus finding out the notice in the prooperty registers of the relevant title. It could be further more unprotected if the interest of the mortagee, or the superior landlord is not learnt beforehand.

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