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The title deeds contain valuable information about the property that stood in place during the pre-registration plans to clarify the details of various rights, obligation, mortgages, or covenants attached to the property. This deed is also referred to as the old or historical deed documents which are maintained in a digital or hard copies by the Land Registry. The title deeds are replaced by the Title Register and Title Plan as soon as the passing of the registration to the other owner completes, and the same are usually kept for future contingencies as it containes important details that are not included in the title register. These Title Deeds are often importantly maintained for details and evidences on conveyances, transfer terms, charges, plans, deeds of gift, norms of future use and handover, size, boundaries and exact position at that point of time and so. The title deeds are most importantly used in abundance by lenders, banks, buyers, leaseholders, joint-owners etc.

These information are obtained from the official authoritative body, the Land Registry Title Register that provides all particulars pertaining to the details of the property you seek to know about. This stands without any doubt as the official document that evidences the property ownership. This document are brought in extensive use by professionals and non-professionals alike, and conveyancers for several bonafide reasons like; preparation of a contract, transfer deed, checking the ownership title, pruchase price, registered charges, terms of ownership by the current owner.

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