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Locate or mark the property with our highly trusted digital index-map search.

Our title register map search service comprise of a comprehensive report on the property in matters of a proper index map search with efficient marked ordnance survey plan. You could just know the postal address of the property or if that address cannot demonstrate or mark the exact standing of a land or building especially if it is a rural land, our property specialist will help you through to carrying out the search using the coordinates on our specially designed digital map. All we would need your help on is for you to mark the area you are sure of roughly that enables us ascertain the coordinates of that property. As simple as it appears, the Title Register Map search could bring a mishap and a loads of misunderstanding if the proper and accurate search is not undertaken, especially with a help of a real property expert. With our highly curated property specialist, we will prepare survey plans and confirm with the concerned regional Registry Office to ensure the authenticity and a quality map search report. Our map search service is not limited to just the report on the results of search of the index map, but also details of the title register, title plan, and title deeds on that property to make it a full and comprehensive report.

These information are obtained from the official authoritative body, the Land Registry Title Register that provides all particulars pertaining to the details of the property you seek to know about. This stands without any doubt as the official document that evidences the property ownership. This document are brought in extensive use by professionals and non-professionals alike, and conveyancers for several bonafide reasons like; preparation of a contract, transfer deed, checking the ownership title, pruchase price, registered charges, terms of ownership by the current owner.

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