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Welcome to Legal Services Coordinator, your one-stop shop for the widest range of legal & corporate issues on the market. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best legal services and professionals available, without exception. Founded in 2010 by a dynamic, cutting-edge team of practicing advocates and senior lawyers, we’ve grown a lot since our start in London, but we’re just getting started

We are thrilled that we’re able to apply our passion into serving the underserviced in the ever-growing issue of property theft. We serve metropolitan centres and rural villages alike. From Mumbai and Delhi, to Surat and Hyderabad Taluka, we treat your case with the care and attention it deserves.

United Kingdom

 London | Manchester | Southampton | Jersey

We operate out of our head office in Langbourn, London. This our Ground Zero, where the company was established in early 2018, initially with an aim to provide legal consultation and litigation service. Our service area was extended, within our first year, to factor a variety of corporate and commercial sectors, thanks to feedback from our private clients.


Delhi | Mumbai | Hyderabad | Chennai | And More…

We extended to our model to Fort, Mumbai over a year ago, with carefully selected and outstanding advocates, mediators, arbitrators and consultants, including majority rank holders from top Law and Business Universities across the country. We have spared no expense in ensuring all our current and future clients in India will benefit from the same level of care as in the UK, combined with savvy and driven talent from across the country.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Unique to our competitors, we offer an expert and dedicated case manager for every one of our clients.

We promise that when you need something done, no matter the circumstances, we make sure it is done.

We fight, tooth and nail.

In what can be a chaotic mess of conflicting advice, requirements, and protocol, we deliver you peace, along with a service you deserve.

Apply pressure to lackadaisical, bureaucratic departments to get that crucial response or submission finished;

Weave through red tape in judicial, state, commercial or private matters;

Make sure your case is prioritised and staunchly defended over newer cases, (Where preference is often unfairly given to colluding or scheming parties!);

Or even simply to be available at any time for your questions and concerns, whenever they might occur to you.

Senior Advocates

Years Of Experience

Satisfied Clients

Service areas  our clients trust us with

Property Bundles

Property Title Search | Property Valuation | Property Valuation | Property Registration | More..

International Arbitration

Corporate | Land/Property
Finance | Family | More..

Intellectual Property

Trademark Registration | Copyright Registration | Patent Registration | More..

Forensic Investigation - Litigation Support

Cyber and Mobile Forensics | Document examination & Verification | Handwriting and Signature Verification | Background Verification | Detective Services | More..

Taxation Services

GST registration | GST return filing | Tax Audits | TDS return filing | More..


Legal Documents

Name Change of Minor | Name Change of an Adult | Legal heir certificate | Birth certificate | Marriage registration/certificate | Dowry police complaint | Death Certificate | More..

Need a Custom Legal Service?

 All services listed on our website may not be suitably amenable for all visitors. That does not hold us back from serving your Legal or Corporate needs.

Let us know your specific requirements; for a single service or as a bundle package, with our simple form below. We will do our utmost to see your needs are met.


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