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Heights of success cannot be achieved without the marvellous team. There’s always a space for quality and dedication in LSC.

Come Join Us, Lets live our dreams together..

When we started back in 2010 in London with 5 team members we dreamt to be one of the leading legal and business service provider in the city. Now we are serving our valued clients in almost all major cities in UK. Further, we extended in additional cities in India. We have over 100’s of senior advocates, mediators, arbitrators, consultants in to help attain our heights that we are at today.

If you are passionate about your profession and love to grow in a team, LSC is for you. We want you to step ahead in builing a stair to success.

Teams & Open Roles

Legal Article Writers

We are opening this position soon.

Human Resources

We are opening this position soon.


We are opening this position soon.

Design & Development

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We are opening this position soon.

Risk & Security

We are opening this position soon.

Life Inside Our Office

Our space is a great office environment filled with great team of team-spirit, intelligent workspace planning, a range of intelligent personalities, and highly qualified team of lawyers, mediators and arbitrators. The office space is ambient, ample lighting, flexible working, comfortable and quiet working space. You will love it here.




Perks & Benefits

We are aware about what a perks and benefits essentially mean to a thriving workplace where our valued team members are our greatest assets. We understand what it is to maintain a greater work-life balance, employee retention, and productivity. We not just care for your well-being by paying you for your worth but also your future.

Targeted Bonus Program

Competitive Salary

Daily Breakfast & Lunch

Health Care

Annual Company Trip

Let’s Work Together

If hard work, dedication and focus is your second name we would love to have you on our team.

We are nothing without our excellent team of professionals. Each person matters and makes a difference. We are not just a number of Advocates but comprise a carefully selected and vetted team of professionals. If you are not simply seeking a job but a rewarding career path and complement this desire with a determination and an ability for hard and focused work, you are just the one we have been looking for. Do apply!

Educational Requirement:

  • Highly motivated 4th or 5th year LL.B. (or equivalent) students or persons with one to two year legal work experience.
  • Good attainment grades, but these will be considered in combination of past internships, work and any type of interesting exposure such as evidence of extracurricular activities like leadership, team building, public speaking, research, report writing etc.
  • High achievers with excellent grasping and analytical skills AND good people skills.
  • You can choose to work remotely from your home too provided the Covid-19 situation.

Please mention what position you are applying for on your application and write to us at info@legalservicescoordinator with your resume & CV.


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