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India carries a long-widened history of trading and non-trading practices of sea trade within and beyond the territorial sea-boundaries. There are various rules, regulations and set of Maritime laws that governs the maritime trade and operations in India. This law not only regulates the registration, permits, registration of ships and watercrafts, but also monitors and governs nautical issues and maritime disputes on activitis like transport, shipping and logistics, nagivational rights, jurisdiction on coastal waters and so.

Our Maritime service is confined to different type of vessels; Ship, Yacht, Boat registrations service, crew license support, single trip registrations and renewals, change in Flag, Maritime liens and mortage services, and general admiralty service. The associated one low fee we list here are for our professional Maritime Legal Service. Government registration fee, insurance, associated tax and licensing fee are the exclusive fees as they depend on the Type, Build and structure of the vessel like; Overall Length (LOA), Gross Tonnage (GT), Private Yacht Limited Charter (PYLC), Yacht Engaged in Trade (YET), Commercial Yacht, Passenger Yacht and so. 



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General fee schedule

For Private or Commercial Yachts, Trade Yachts, Passenger
Yachts and similar vessels the associated costs depend on:

  • Registration fee
  • Annual tonage tax
  • Ship radio station license
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Wreck removal and Oil pollution damage fee
  • Maritime security and compliance fee
  • Safe Manning Certificate
  • Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) Document
  • Mandatory or Voluntary registrations with Harbor Association or Yachting clubs

The overall process will be transparent with crystal-clear associated bills and slips produced before you and justifiable time-frame based on your vessel type and build.

You just pay for one simple low professional service fee. All associated fee on registraiton and charges are on you.

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