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We always long for complete and higher client satisfaction. In case the services offered/privided by us is not as per your expectation or not pleasant in an order it should be, we will opt in to refund back your money, provided that the reasons of your claims for refunds are appropriate and prove to be genuine. We will do a thorough investigation on the matter and as it deems appropriate the refunds are issued in a reasonabel time-frame depending on the case scenario of the funds as described in the other tabs of this page concerning the:


  • Cancellation Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Forced Circumstances



Again, we long for the utmost customer satisfaction. When you have paid for the service listed here on the website or with any terms of a custom service you ordered, we will ensure that it is provided with high quality and diligence with top-notch industry leading service. We ensure it does not happen so, but in any case we’ve failed to provide the services at our end, it is up to your discretion to alert to us for the same and let us know for any questions or queries you have in time.

Further to having stated this, in case you change your mind after having paid for the service, we are not liable to cancel the service. The sooner you inform us of holding our processing for your service, the lesser will be the cost we will have used from the portion of the price you will have paid. This enables us to hold the fees to be paid to the concerned government bodies, department fees, which are non-refundable once paid and we too will not be able to do anything in that case. Apart from these, before processing any refund ot you, whatever may be your reason, we will firmly negotiate with you to dig out the aspect of your cancellation need and if that can be held to complete the service. That is, we reserve the right to make our effort to deliver you with complete service. This is because, since we already collect necessary information/details with a comprehensive form while you are under the process of ordering the service with associated files/documents, we start to work on it rightaway, putting our time and energy and expertise invested to get your work done as promised. In the event that there is a need for you to cancel and it is deemed, the applicable cancellation fee will be the 20% of the total fee paid, plus cost already incurred, plus fees paid to government bodies or any government or non-government third parties payments.


Refund is taken care of only in case of us failing to provide/deliver the service to our clients. Please go through the terms or service and the details of fine prints before you have us go-through indication with the service processing.

All services we offer to our valued clients are based on the details they carrry on their respective listings. The cost inclusive or exclusive of any associted government or any department fees, stamp duties, registrations fees and so, are all indicated in detail on the service listing itself, and it is deemed presumed that you have gone through the service terms when you confirmed you order.  Moreover, we never confirm or assure our clients, especially in terms of litigation or the court case of winning the verdict in their favor. This is a myth. We solicit and offer the expert service in obtaining the same based on the evidences and the factual aspects of your case. There is no such thing like, if you do not win the case, we will refund it all.

With all the time and resource invested by us in processing your service, associated processing fees, the payment gateway charges when you processed your order with us, administration fees will be deducted for the processing of the Refund. Further, the fees paid to governmental bodies, documentation fees, stamp duty fee, government registration or processing fee already paid, or those to third parties as a part of a role in processing your order are all non-refundable costs, and hence cannot be refunded.



This term can be considered as the ‘Force Majeure Event’ which is beyond our control in terms of delivering you the service. Force majeure events covers our delay in processing or completion of the service in time due to various unavoidable/uncontrollable reasons like; Shut down/action of court-proceedings by governmental authority, change of law, public vandalism like war, explosion, terrorist activity, civil or armed conflict, curfew, earthquake, pandemic shut-down like it happened for Covid-19 reason, earthquake, flood, fire, storm, lightning, drought, famine, landslide, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, tornado, natural disaster, or act of God alike, including the labor strike or lockdown at concerned court, or government or non-government offices directly connected to functioning of that office to processing our service to you, or such similar events or circumstance beyond our control in forced or reasonable aspect.

In such cases it is deemed to be an act of ‘Force Majeure’ circumstance and hence Legal Services Coordinator will hold on, or will result in delay in delivery/performance of the service until things turn out to normal or such Force-Majeure events cease to exist resulting in smooth running/functioning of all associted bodies concerning to delivery of your fine service.


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